Astronomy evening at the Observatory in Arbaz

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Astronomy evenings are organised all year round at the Arbaz-Anzère observatory. Its large 40 cm telescope and various astronomical scopes allow the discovery of objects in our solar system (moon, planets, etc.) or in the deep sky (nebulae, galaxies, etc.).

DATES | 05.07 - 07.07 - 19.07 - 21.07 - 26.07 - 28.07 at 10.00pm | 02.08 - 09.08 at 9.30pm | 18.10 - 20.10 at 8.00pm
MEET | at the Observatoire d'Arbaz
REMARKS | Please call 027 399 28 09 one hour before the visit to find out if it is taking place. Outdoor activity, please bring warm clothes. 10 minutes walk to the Observatory. There are no toilets on site.
Information : Arbaz Observatory :
PRICE | CHF 10.00 / person
Activity offered with the Anzère Liberté Pass

In the event of an insufficient number of registrations, we are unfortunately obliged to cancel the activity. You will be informed by phone or email. 

Please give 48 hours notice of any cancellation. In this case, the activity will be invoiced at the price without the "Anzère Liberté" discount.
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