Place Boyard

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Place Boyard - Games, tests, puzzles: the famous game show "Fort Boyard" revisited for children aged 7 to 12
You all know the game show "Fort Boyard"; you have always dreamed of competing in the tests of the Fort; so do not dream anymore ... you can start to nightmare !!
Do not register, this game will make you nightmare,
We wonder why you would want to play it.
You will be trapped by the Master of the Place,
Traumatized, you will close your eyes as it will be awful, hideous, monstrous!
We will have warned you !!!
But since we don't have a Fort, just for you, we created "Place Boyard"!
Try to collect keys, face the trials but watch out for the hourglass of time ... if you don't want to find yourself in the elevator of the last chance and face Mother Fouras!

15:00 - 18:00 | Thursday in July and August

7 to 12 years old
Minimum 4 people

Free with the Anzère Liberté pass
or CHF 5 .- / person

Max 24h in advance
  • Internet reservation :
    • Yes
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 46.29738
Longitude : 7.39995