08.04.2023 - Conference by Bike Family Nomads

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Conference by Bike Family Nomads
organised by www.aspa-anzere.ch and Anzère Tourism

A nomadic cycling family, they live in tents in the wilds of the planet and in the heart of cultures. 13 years as nomads, more than 87'000 km by bike, 4 continents, 2 daughters born along the way.
They will recount this life of limitless adventure and how they were led to make extraordinary choices, 13 years of nomadic cycling with their families, a winter in the heart of the Arctic in an indigenous community, free schooling in the wilderness. This life is also a choice to live with less and to create space for what is most valuable to them. It is an invitation to put the essential back at the centre, to align words and actions to create new solutions for our well-being and that of the planet. 
These are moments of escape in an alternation between anecdotes, exploration, travel, encounters and emotions, illustrated by some of the most magical photographs of this journey. 
Ambassadors of an outdoor life, Céline, an anthropologist, also discusses the importance of taking our children into nature, for them and for the Earth. 

Price | By the hat 
Location | School of Saint-Romain (Ayent)
Date | Friday 8 April 2023
Time | 6pm
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 46.28403
Longitude : 7.41342